Talking about Korean Culture in Korean

Could you please introduce yourself ? Who are you ?

Hello! My name is Adriana. You can also call me Adri. I’m French, but I was born in Madagascar. I’m 24 years old.

Adriana, have you ever been to Korea ?

No, I have not been to Korea yet. I really want to go to Korea. If I go to Korea, I want to travel, eat Korean food, and also meet my Korean friends.

What do you know about Korean culture ? Have you some experiences about it ?

I didn’t know anything about Korean culture in the past but since last year I was curious about Korean culture, so I started looking for it on the Internet, and now I got to know a little. Since I like Korean cultural content, I enjoy watching Korean movies and dramas. I also enjoy reading webtoons. Korean food also is really good. I eat a lot of Korean food. My family eats often Korean food since we really like it. Mom has made bibimbap in last week.

I think you already know a lot about Korea. Your Korean is really good. I am very impressed. When did you start learn the Korean language ?

Korean… Regarding Korean, I started learning it last April. So it’s been a year now. You know, every day I study the language on the Internet. But I am not good at speaking Korean yet. Korean is more difficult than French. Since I enjoy learning it, it’s fine.

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