On My Way to Become a Polyglot

Hi everyone, thank you for watching this video.

This is the very first time that I’m doing this, you know talking to a camera, and giving advises.

And sharing my things, my idea, to people I don’t see. So it’s very exciting and I’m so glad that you are joining me on my journey to become a polyglot. And I hope we can help each other and see
how much we progress in our… to reach our target goal… to reach our target languages.

And, yeah, I hope that you will stay a little while and hum… Yeah I just can’t wait to share with you everything about me. So I guess I can do a small introduction about myself.

Hum…So I’m Adriana, I’m 23 years old. And right now I have eight languages in my pocket. Languages that I can use everyday fluently and of course languages that I’m still studying as a beginner or intermediate level.

My friends have been asking me what is my “secret”. There is no secret obviously. It’s hard work, most of the time. And yeah, they have been asking me questions about my routine, my tips, the tools I use…so I thought that maybe it was time for me to do vlogging about language learning.

And yeah, I’ve decided to create this channel for this reason. And basically I will share things about the way I study languages. And share with you tools that I use, or… I don’t know, maybe films that I like watching.

Since I am studying eight languages, I mean studying at different levels, obviously, eight languages, you can also follow my path and my progress with those languages.

On this channel, you will find new videos I think every ten days. So that means three videos per month. I’m doing this because I want to see how you will react to my content. And hum maybe you will have ideas. So yeah, I just want to get to know you first and to see what kind of content you will be interested in. And then, hopefully next year, I will try to publish one video per week, so that would be four every month.

Yeah, I guess I talked enough with you. This was just a small introduction video. So I didn’t want to say too much about me and what I do and how I study.

Hum before leaving, I want to talk about the next video that I will create. So in the next video, I will actually try to speak in the eight languages that I’ve been studying. So you will have a glimpse of what I can do
in language. And maybe you will be more interested to stay and follow me.

So if you don’t want to miss this next video, you can subscribe and follow me. And I’m also on Twitter and Instagram if you want to know more about me outside hum…my language hum my language hobby, obviously. Yeah, I just can’t wait to see you in ten days.


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